Which Love After Lockup Stars Are Back in Jail

which love after lockup stars are back in jail  2023

Which Love After Lockup Stars Are Back in Jail 2023? If you are wondering which love after lockup stars are back in jail, then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of amazing celebrities that are still in jail, and it is easy to keep up with them. You can check out their new pictures and see their latest moves. It is fun to watch their transformation!


Love After Lockup stars are back in jail in Season 5. The new batch of episodes was announced by WE tv on December 16. There are four new couples in season five, and two fan favorites will return to the show.

This reality TV series follows nine former inmates and significant others. They face the challenges of life outside of prison. It will air on WE tv Friday nights at 9 pm ET. A total of 10 episodes will be released. Executive Producers include Kate Farrell, Lauren P. Gellert, Alan Madison, and Dan Adler.

The series features couples who met while they were in prison and eventually found love. One of the new couples is Angela Gail and Tony Wood. They were introduced in the first season of the show, and kept their relationship a secret because they were Mormon.


Currently, Destinie Folsom is in prison, awaiting a possible release date. She is hoping to catch up with Shawn Osborne. But before she can do that, she may have to leave him behind.

It is a good idea to know the basic facts about Destinie Folsom before you get caught up in her adventures. Her criminal record is long, and she may not be the one to save her fiance Shawn Osborne.

Shawn and Destinie met through a prison letter pal program. They got married after she was released. However, things fell apart when she bailed on him with his credit card.

In November, she was sentenced to 16 months in prison. In addition to her sentence, she was charged with involuntary manslaughter. And she is expected to be released next year.

She has also been accused of evidence tampering. But she plans to deal with those charges upon her release from federal prison.


You might remember the runaway bride of WEtv’s Love After Lockup, Destinie Folsom. She was accused of stealing Shawn Osborne’s credit card, fleeing police, and getting arrested.

Since her release from prison, she’s taken Shawn on a wild adventure. Now she’s about to discover Shawn’s marriage to another former felon.

Destinie’s rap sheet is quite long. She’s been in and out of jail over and over again. Her most recent charge is an enhancement of her prison term for new offenses.

She’s facing several charges, including one for theft, one for false impersonation, and one for escape. She’s also been charged with failing to appear in court.

She recently spoke about her past and her reasons for making the choices she has. According to the report, she’s looking to get back into the loop with Shawn.


It’s been nearly four years since Shane Love after lockup was released from prison. But now, he’s back in jail. This time, it’s for violating a protective order.

In October, he was arrested without bond. His arrest stemmed from an October 15 incident. He allegedly smashed a glass against the refrigerator in his kitchen. He also harmed a pet. A verbal altercation with his father reportedly sparked the incident.

The next day, he was booked into the Virginia jail system. As a result of the incident, Lacey had to visit her ex in jail. She was then granted a protective order against him. Despite the order, she still keeps in contact with him.

Although the two were recently seen together, the relationship between Shane and Lacey hasn’t been easy. They fought over their marriage and even went to great lengths to conceive a child.


Love After Lockup stars Skylar and Nathan have been in a relationship for four years. They met while they were both in prison. Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, they are still together.

The show focuses on the relationships between couples who meet in prison. In this series, the couples have to learn how to adjust to life outside of the prison walls. Throughout their journey, they also deal with issues of drugs, alcohol, and temptations.

Skylar is a 28-year-old woman. She was once in a relationship with Travis Robbins. However, she was unable to speak to the media when Travis went missing. Now she is returning home. Her mother has remarried Patrick Hobin.

Nathan is a music producer and tree trimmer. He’s six feet tall. His parents are David Rackley and Heather Swingle.


Love After Lockup is a reality television show that follows couples who met in prison and got together after their release. Each of these couples has their own path to the altar. They face the challenges of adjusting to life outside of prison, including drugs, alcohol and travel restrictions.

It seems like it’s hard to keep track of which Love After Lockup stars are back in jail. This reality series features a variety of different couples and is a big deal on television. However, the list of those who have been incarcerated is short.

Amber Eggers was brought back for a spin-off, Life After Lockup, in which she’s reunited with her former prison boyfriend Puppy. She also talks about picking her mother up from prison.

Amber’s mother, Monica, has a criminal history and was arrested for selling drugs. Amber has avoided trouble since her release and has an adorable nephew. Her fans love to see how she’s doing.


Fans have been wondering if Puppy love after lockup stars are back in jail. This new development has shocked fans.

A quick Google search will yield results ranging from Puppy’s current whereabouts to her most recent arrest in January of this year. The show’s website says she’s “wanted” by Georgia authorities. It’s unclear if she’s being held for violating her parole. However, Puppy has a new active warrant in Metro Atlanta for her arrest.

When it comes to the Puppy love after lockup star, Amber Eggers, she’s doing her best to keep her life straight and narrow. Luckily, she has a new beau, Vince Gonzalez, and a supportive mother.

She hasn’t forgotten about her mom, though. In fact, she’s been living with her lately, as she’s worried about her friend’s welfare. If Puppy does get out of prison in time, she’ll be there to help her along.

Clint Brady

Clint Brady is back in jail for a probation violation. He was arrested Monday for a DUI charge that comes from a DUI arrest last year. His license was suspended last year when he failed to submit to a drug test after a DUI charge.

The judge ruled that he would serve 45 days in jail with no days suspended. However, he was also ordered to pay $340 in fines.

The arraignment for the new charges takes place this week. If convicted, Clint McLaughlin will face additional jail time. In addition, he will be charged with a felony for domestic abuse and two misdemeanors for assault.

The court hearing will take place on February 8 for Clint. If he is convicted of breaking his probation, he could spend an extra two years in prison.

The arraignment was not the first time that Clint and Tracie Wagaman have been in trouble with the law. They were both arrested in Texas before they appeared on Love After Lockup.

Andrea Edwards

The first season of “Love After Lockup” featured the story of Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson. They started out as pen pals while Lamar was in prison, and finally married in Los Angeles when he was released.

But the relationship isn’t over. Lamar hasn’t had a conjugal visit with Andrea since she’s in jail, and she’s also not allowed to see him for a conjugal visit. So, how can she survive this distance?

When she was arrested, she was the mother of three children. One of her kids was Priscilla, a five-year-old daughter. However, the other two were not in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Priscilla’s bio father is Lamar Jackson, but she didn’t know that. Instead, she was conceived in a broom closet in a prison.

In the second season, Andrea Edwards is dealing with her own situation beyond Lamar Jackson, and she also has to deal with her kids being in a different house. She doesn’t like the idea of her family living together, but she wants to be there for them.

Lamar Jackson

Despite the fact that Lamar Jackson is currently on the mend, he will likely be tagged by the Baltimore Ravens in 2023. As a result, he could become a free agent in 2023, and the team could be forced to sign him to a new contract.

The Ravens had offered Jackson a five-year extension that included a $133 million guarantee. However, the quarterback turned down the deal.

After Jackson injured his knee, the front office of the Baltimore Ravens decided to negotiate with him. They were nervous about offering him a fully guaranteed contract before the 2022 season.

Since the end of the season, the Ravens have been hunkering down in the playoffs behind the Cincinnati Bengals. They’ve lost half of their games. While they’re still in the running for an AFC North title, they’re not certain that they’ll finish in first place.https://www.youtube.com/embed/z9FofHGhRZY

Which Love After Lockup Couples Are Still Together 2023?

which love after lockup couples are still together 2023

If you’ve been wondering, which love after lockup couples are still together 2023, you’ve come to the right place. This is a special article that will reveal a little more information on some of the most famous couples who have remained in each other’s lives in the past few years. You’ll learn about Jeff, Brittany, Marcelino, Anissa, and Puppy.

Kevin Hale

Love After Lockup has been a success since its release. The reality show follows couples who met while they were in jail. This season, five new couples will be featured. It has been a hit for WE TV. In the first two seasons, the show averaged more than one million viewers per episode.

The show has also been criticized for hiring actors. Several of the cast members have not returned to the spotlight.

For the most part, these couples appear on the show for the first time when they are released. Although, Kevin and Tiffany are still together, Tiffany is not sure if she wants to stay in the relationship.

The couple has been working on getting their name out there. Kevin spends a lot of his time promoting the show. He even spends some time with his son.

However, Tiffany is suspicious when she discovers that someone else’s underwear is in his drawer. She hasn’t heard from Kevin in a while.

Kayla has been on Kevin’s mind a lot. She was his first love and was also a model. They had a crazy connection.

Kayla and Tiffany became friends. They meet through a prison pen pal service. They were dating before Kayla went to prison. While she was in jail, the pair tried to make their relationship work.

Kevin is also having trouble letting go of his ex. When he finds his phone ringing, he takes the call.

Marcelino Santiago

Love After Lockup is a reality show that follows couples who have been inmates or released from prison and are now living life together. It has been airing since January 12, 2018. The first season featured five couples including Megan and Michael Simmons, Lamar and Andrea, and Scott and Lacey Whitlow.

The second season followed Brittany and Marcelino. They met through the pen pal program of a prison and fell in love. Upon release from prison, they built a family together. In the season finale, they married and moved into a home in Las Vegas. Their son, Marciano, was born in 2020.

Since then, the couple has grown apart. However, they are still sharing life updates on social media. Eventually, they will likely break up.

While many fans believe the couple is fine, there are also rumors that they are just pretending for a check. Whether they are fake or not, the Love After Lockup couple is definitely growing apart.

In the past year, the couple has dealt with a number of obstacles. Brittany’s ex-girlfriend Amanda came to blows with her and was a major hurdle to overcome. Brittany and Marcelino also had to deal with the issue of bisexuality. And of course, they also have to contend with their child.

For example, the couple recently had to deal with the question of if they should fight for marriage. This is something that they may want to consider.

Brittany Santiago

If you love reality television, you might have heard of Love After Lockup. This show follows the lives of ex-convicts after their prison sentence is completed. You can watch the series on WE tv.

A couple of the Love After Lockup couples have been together for years. They have a daughter, two dogs and a house. Their success story is one that you can root for.

While this pair has been together for several years, they’re not the typical Love After Lockup couple. Instead, they’ve dealt with challenges like Brittany’s bisexuality and Marcelino’s control issues. However, they’ve found a way to work through those issues and they are now a happy family.

The couple had a baby in the middle of season 2, and they got married in Las Vegas at the end of the season. They also have two dogs and have recently bought a house.

They haven’t exactly had a smooth road in their relationship, but they’ve had each other’s backs. That’s what makes their relationship so appealing to fans.

Brittany Dodd met Marcelino Santiago through a pen pal program. Both women had a rough childhood. But when Brittany got out of jail, she decided to turn her life around. In fact, she wrote a memoir called One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets, in which she talks about her struggles.

She’s also giving back through a nonprofit called After Orange. The charity supports ex-offenders who need help getting back on their feet.


When fans of the CW hit series Love After Lockup started watching the show, they were hoping the couples would stay together. But, as far as the show has revealed, the couples may have already parted ways.

Amber and Vincent have been through a lot. They’ve had a rocky road to happiness. In fact, they were never meant to be. The two of them didn’t have enough in-person chemistry to warrant a relationship.

While Amber and Vincent didn’t get the happy ending they were hoping for, they are still on the right track. They’ve both moved on to more important things, like finding jobs and building a real life.

Amber has been reaching out to Eric’s wife, Heather. She hopes to end the marriage.

Michelle “Puppy” Deaton isn’t thrilled with the wait. She’s ready for Eric to move on. However, she knows he’s been keeping a secret from her.

Michelle’s attempts to prove her love to Eric haven’t gone unnoticed. As a result, she’s been getting frustrated. During her visit with Eric, she makes a few suggestions. These include calling a divorce attorney.

Eric is also ready to move on. He’s not so thrilled about the divorce idea. Nevertheless, he has a new girlfriend. Whether the relationship will work out is another story entirely.

There are plenty of other reasons to watch Love After Lockup. If you’re not already a fan, check out the show on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST.


Love After Lockup is a reality TV show that follows couples who were once incarcerated. It airs on WE tv. The show follows six different couples, including Courtney and Josh, Rachel and Doug, and Shane and Lacey.

While Jeff and Anissa are in love with each other, they are separated by distance. They met 10 years ago on a pen pal website. But they have not met in person for a while. However, they share a joint Instagram page, and there are posts from both of them waiting for Jeff’s release.

The Love After Lockup show features couples who fall in love with each other while one of them is incarcerated. Many of the couples end up splitting up, but some of them remain together. Some couples have even gone on to have successful relationships after being released from prison.

The show has a new season scheduled for June 18, 2021. Six new couples will be featured, including Britney and Ray, Courtney and Josh, and Rachel and Doug. Although these are not the only couples who will be in the show, they are among the fan favorites.

As the show’s fourth season gets underway, many fans are wondering which couples will stay together. The current season has been full of scandals, fights, and a lot of drama.

Jeff and Anissa are still together, but are they going to stay?


The popular television show “Love After Lockup” follows couples who met in prison. These relationships often have a few bumps in the road, but despite the difficulties, they have remained together in the real world.

The Love After Lockup series has been on the air for three seasons now. It has followed nearly thirty-two couples. Some are still together, but some have broken up. There are also six new couples to be featured in the upcoming season.

One couple that has managed to keep a relationship going is Anissa and Jeffrey. Jeff has been in prison for eleven years, and the two have been in love for a long time. However, they have only been able to spend a little time together.

They met on a pen pal website, and then got to know each other after Jeff sent her a letter. When Jeff got out of jail, he contacted Anissa. She was surprised that he would be back in touch with her. Luckily, Jeff is now at a halfway house.

Another couple to be featured on the show is Courtney and Josh. Joshua and Cheryl have been together for two years. Although they have broken up, the two continue to love each other.

Another couple that has kept a relationship together is Lacey and Shane. Both of them are young women. In addition to their love, they share an interest in educating their children.https://www.youtube.com/embed/44-hF6h7vgQ

Which Love After Lockup Star Died 2023?

which love after lockup star died  2023

Are you still waiting for the love of your life to get out of the lockup? There are many ways in which you can find your special someone. You can look for love online, you can attend dating shows, you can get involved in activities that make you feel good about yourself, and you can find a local matchmaker.

Alla Subbotina

Love After Lockup, a We tv show about inmates who have met and fallen in love while serving time, recently lost one of its stars. Alla Subbotina, a former model, was one of the star cast members. Her death was announced on Saturday, August 7, and her funeral will be held in Thiensville, Wisconsin on August 8.

Before joining the show, Subbotina had been arrested on several occasions. The first time, she was only 19 years old, and she had been facing charges of robbery and disorderly conduct. She was also charged with heroin possession.

She was later sent to a rehab center, where she spent several months before her release. However, a few months after her release, she relapsed. This led to a second arrest, and she ended up serving a five-year sentence for heroin selling.

Although she was only 31 years old at the time of her death, she was a promising actress. Her death comes just a week after Tracie Wagaman, another Love After Lockup star, died of an accidental overdose of methamphetamine.

Although she didn’t have the most spectacular performance in the show, Alla did show that she was a capable actress. She was known for her role as Lacey, who was a cam model. A lot of people wondered how she was able to keep her relationship with James going after her arrest.

When she got out of prison, she met and became involved with a man named James Cristia. They started dating, and she was reportedly jealous of his relationship with his girlfriend Chelsea. During their time together, they had a couple of problems, but they were still able to make it work.

In December 2016, Cristia filed for divorce in Cook County, Illinois. Since then, she and Subbotina had been living apart. Earlier this year, however, they were able to reconnect.

The former model’s impressive abilities to attract attention were exhibited by her performance on the show. She was able to make it look easy, even though her real-life story was a little more complicated.

Tracie Wagaman

The Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman died last month. She was 41 years old. According to the Las Vegas Coroner’s Office, she passed away from methamphetamine toxicity.

In addition to her TV career, Tracie also had a passion for modeling and fashion. At age 41, she left behind a 4-year-old son, Isaac, and a newborn baby girl.

Tracie had a complicated life. Her struggles with addiction led to her arrests and legal troubles. One of her lovers, Luke Loera, was arrested in early 2021. He faced one felony charge and two misdemeanor charges.

When Luke Loera was in jail, Tracie had a pregnancy. But she had to delay the news because the baby’s father was in jail.

Upon her release, Tracie married Clint Brady. However, the couple broke up and separated. Later, Tracie Wagaman became romantically involved with Matt Baier. Eventually, she split from Clint for good.

Tracie Wagaman was a freelance writer for a decade. She had a long history of drug use. Although she had no criminal record, she spent time in and out of jails.

Tracie’s brother, Mark Wagaman, said that his sister was struggling with drug addiction. Previously, he had said that they had tried to keep her clean. Nonetheless, she fell back into addiction.

As for the cause of her death, the Clark County Office of the Coroner has confirmed that Tracie died from methamphetamine toxicity. It was ruled accidental.

A GoFundMe page has been created to raise money for the funeral. To date, $780 of the $5,000 goal has been raised.

Despite her complicated life, Tracie had a huge fan following. She was active on social media, selling Avon products, and appeared on the reality show Love After Lockup. She had a Cameo account and an OnlyFans account.

On June 25, Tracie gave birth to a baby girl. One week later, she died. Apparently, she died of an accidental overdose.

Despite all the controversy, there are still many questions about what happened to Tracie. Hopefully, her family will have an answer soon. If not, then there are still many fans who are devastated.

Scott Davey

Love After Lockup is a reality show starring couples who met in prison. These couples often have some sort of trouble in transitioning back to a normal life. Whether it’s because they’re new to the area or have other issues, there are many challenges to overcome.

The show, which was first aired in January 2018, focuses on the impact of being in prison. In particular, it features couples who meet on prison-based dating websites. It also looks at the harrowing reality of what happens to inmates after they’ve been released.

The show is produced by the same team behind the popular 90 Day Fianc e television show. While the show doesn’t feature all the same actors, the cast rotates among episodes.

During the first season of Love After Lockup, the stars had the opportunity to make a little money. However, there were some controversies. For instance, the rumored fact that only non-inmates were paid was disputed. Others claimed that only the most lurid claims were made.

The show is also a good look at how people deal with substance abuse. Lizzie and Scott eventually managed to get clean. They were also able to start their own business. But, unfortunately, their relationship did not last.

The show has a few notable train wrecks. One is Scott’s relationship with Jasmine. Another is Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady, who have a love-hate relationship.

The show also features Alla Subotina, a woman who was convicted of heroin dealing and relapsed during filming. She later served a five-year sentence for her crimes and sought treatment in a rehabilitation center.

Love After Lockup is a cult favorite. Fans were devastated to learn of Davey’s death. His fans posted on social media in his memory. Hopefully, his story will inspire others to find the courage to follow their dreams and make a difference in the world. Regardless of how you feel about Love After Lockup, you can’t deny that it’s an enlightening glimpse into the complexities of the post-prison life.

Like any other relationship, it’s important to have a solid plan. If you don’t, your life can fall apart.

Lizze Kommes

Love After Lockup is a reality TV show which follows couples who met while in prison and are now living outside. The show is currently on season four and features five new couples.

Scott Davey, who starred on Love After Lockup with Lizzie Kommes, has passed away. Fans are stunned by his death. It has been reported that the death is accidental.

Alla Subbotina, who starred on Love After Lockup, has also passed away. She died of an overdose, according to the Las Vegas Coroner’s office. Earlier reports said that she had been released from prison. However, it was revealed that she had relapsed.

Alla Subbotina served five years in prison for selling heroin. After her release, she was sent back to jail for violating her parole. Afterward, she was sent to a rehab facility. When she was released, she had boyfriend James Cristia waiting for her.

Alla Subbotina was a model. While she was serving time, she met James and began a pen-pal service with him. But after six weeks of filming ended, Alla relapsed and was sent back to prison.

Luke Loera was another former love after lockup star. He had faced one felony charge and two misdemeanor charges. They were reportedly incarcerated during their pregnancy.

Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey had a tumultuous relationship. Their relationship was documented on Love After Lockup, but their relationship didn’t last.

Tracie Wagaman, who starred on Love After Lockup, was also a former love after lockup star. The Love After Lockup stars were very active on social media and talked with fans through live sessions.

She also launched her own beauty products company, Avon Products. Her life was a story of addiction and struggle to remain sober.

In addition to being a television star, Tracie Wagaman also had a child. According to reports, she gave birth to a baby girl. Although her cause of death has not been officially announced, she died of an accidental meth overdose.

She leaves behind a newborn baby girl and a 4-year-old son. According to her brother, they tried to keep Tracie sober.https://www.youtube.com/embed/2Fa3EiDq9o0

Where is Love After Lockup Streaming 2023?

where is love after lockup streaming  2023

If you’re looking for a great new show to watch while you’re waiting for the new season of The Walking Dead to start, you may want to consider “where is love after lockup streaming 2023”. It’s a saga about a young woman in a mental institution who is searching for love. And it’s available now on Hulu, Netflix, and WE Tv.


Love After Lockup is a documentary series about the lives of nine couples who were incarcerated and then released. The show follows them as they try to navigate the difficult transition to life outside of jail. While the show is not based on an actual story, it does provide viewers with a realistic view of the trials and tribulations of married life.

The show features a wide array of topics, from trust issues to social adjustment. It also shows how a couple can survive a lifetime of marriage in the face of challenges. Some of the show’s most memorable episodes involved couples who fought, made up, and fell in love again.

The show has garnered praise from fans and critics alike for its originality. Although the show does not tell the story of a real relationship, the production company behind it has created an innovative format that allows for a realistic look at the trials and tribulations of married couples.

“Love After Lockup” is available on a number of platforms, including WE tv, fuboTV, and Netflix. However, the show has been geoblocked by certain countries. If you are unable to watch it, you can get the series through Google Play or iTunes. You can also sign up for a free trial of a streaming service like fuboTV or Philo to get the entire season.

The show has also been known to generate some controversy, with some arguing that it is too realistic to be credible. But in a climate where many shows are guilty of portraying people as the villains, the show has managed to attract an audience willing to root for the couples involved.


Love After Lockup is a reality TV show based in the USA that focuses on various couples with relationship problems. It is an interesting subject and you can watch it on Hulu, WE Tv and other networks.

Aside from bringing viewers face to face with the trials and tribulations of the incarcerated, the show features some real emotional drama. For instance, a lot of the shows involves couples who are devoted to each other but have been separated by the prison walls. They have to face the realities of living together as adults in the real world.

The most impressive feature of the show is the fact that each of the couples are able to keep their love alive while incarcerated. This is a great feat for any TV series, but it is even more impressive when you consider the number of prisoners in the United States. That’s a lot of potential partners to choose from, and it’s not surprising that they’re all in it for the long haul.

The show is also not without its faults. Some of the couples are not what they seem. One couple, for instance, is in it for the financial gain. Other couples, like the one starring Indie and Harry, seem to be in it for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, the show does get its share of positive reviews.

The show is actually very popular in the UK. The show has been on since 2011 and has produced over 217 episodes in 15 seasons. If you’re looking to watch the show on the cheap, you should look at Hulu. You can also watch it on Netflix.


Love After Lockup is a reality show that follows the lives of couples who have met and fallen in love while incarcerated. The show takes viewers inside the real-life stories of these couples as they try to deal with a range of problems, including infidelity, trust issues, and jealousy.

In its first season, “Love After Lockup” averaged 663,000 viewers per episode, making it one of the most popular shows on WE TV. Season two of the show added more than one million viewers per episode.

Season four of the show will premiere on March 4. Fans will get a look into the lives of five new couples. They include John Miller and Kristianna Roth, Daonte and Nicolle, and Sierra and Bradley.

As the cast prepares for the season premiere, fans will learn more about the relationships of the couples and what it’s like to get back in touch with the outside world after being imprisoned. This season will also look at the awkward meetings between couples and their families.

Season 4 of Love After Lockup will air on WE tv, but you can also stream it online and on FuboTV. Watching the episodes is free and you can sign up for a seven-day trial.

‘Love After Lockup’ has been around for a while. While the show has had its share of controversy, its fresh perspective on the challenges of romantic relationships has earned the show respect.

You can watch Love After Lockup on WE tv, fuboTV, or Philo. If you want to be part of the show, you must apply. You will need to give information about your partner, such as their Department of Correction number.


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Love After Lockup is a reality TV show about love despite prison bars. It features the lives of nine former inmates and their significant others. Their relationships are put to the test as they try to navigate social adjustment, trust issues, and moving in together.

This series airs on WE tv. The channel has a strong digital and unscripted presence, and is home to shows such as Unscripted, The Real Housewives, and Black-ish.

Love After Lockup is about inmates who meet their fiance outside prison walls, and struggle to overcome the challenges of a new life. Each couple has their own path to the altar.

For the fourth season, Love After Lockup will feature four new couples and two fan favorites. Each episode will focus on the unique firsts and struggles faced by the featured couples.

Those who want to catch up on past episodes can find them on YouTube, Apple iTunes, or Google Play Movies. However, for the best viewing experience, it’s best to pay for the episodes.

Season 4 will include a few new twists and challenges. Featured couples will face jealousy, trust issues, and first kisses. They will also navigate moving in together and meeting families.

“Love After Lockup” is a unique take on the usual dating show format. While it follows inmates and their fiances, it’s not based on a true story.

The show has been a hit, racking up record ratings during its debut earlier this year. In fact, it was one of the highest-rated programs on Friday nights for Black women 25-54. Now, you can watch it for free on Roku Channel and Google Play Movies.https://www.youtube.com/embed/jkbOYV4Q36Q

How Many Seasons of Love After Lockup Are There in 2023?

how many seasons of love after lockup are there  2023

If you are a fan of Love After Lockup, you might be wondering how many seasons there will be in 2023. While there will probably be more than one season, the number will still be very low. The show’s main characters are already well established and are not likely to change significantly. In fact, the show has a very strong premise for the next few years. It will also have a lot of support from fans who want to see more of them.

Season 4

The hit WE tv show “Love After Lockup” has been renewed for season four. It’s a docu-series following six couples who meet while in prison, and then go on to marry. In the season, the couples navigate the challenges of adjusting to life outside of confinement. They face trust issues, jealousy, and moving in together.

“Love After Lockup” is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a Manhattan-based television production company that has worked with many of New York’s most innovative writers. With hundreds of hours of television to its credit, they’ve built a name for themselves as a producer of fresh, exciting entertainment.

Season 4 is set to air in January 2023. This time around, it will feature new couples, and the series will follow their journey from love behind bars to marriage at the altar. Besides the usual drama, Love After Lockup will also focus on the new challenges and changes in the lives of inmates after their release.

During the first season of Love During Lockup, the show starred Gabrielle and Chris. Now, the couple has moved on to the flagship show.

But, Gabby still has a thing for Chris. She’s bought an engagement ring, a luxury car, and an upgraded apartment.

Michael and Justine are another pair who met while in prison. After years of supervised visits, they decided to get married. However, now that they’re both released, they face new challenges. Whether they can keep their marriage in the real world is a question that they’ll have to answer.

Meanwhile, Aris and Cameron are worried about their rap careers. Lastly, Monique has some conflicts with Derek’s sisters.

Season 5

Love After Lockup is a reality TV series that focuses on the lives of six couples after their partner’s prison release. Some of them continue their relationship, while others may face trouble. The show features high drama, betrayal, and sexual situations.

It’s worth a watch for those who enjoy a bit of reality TV. You can check out older episodes on WE tv’s website. This series is rated TV-PG.

For more information about Love After Lockup, you can check out the show’s website. A new season of Love After Lockup will air on December 16, 2022, on WeTV. Those who don’t have cable can stream it on YouTube TV.

In addition to the five new couples, fans will also see four couples who are returning. Gabby and Chris are among the returning cast. Martel and Kaylah Jackson will also be making an appearance.

There’s also a surprise guest. Derek and Monique haven’t met in person. However, they got to know each other through a pen pal Facebook group. They’ve been dating for two years.

Some couples have gotten out of their trouble successfully, while other haven’t. As for the most exciting part of the show, it might be the secret wedding.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Love After Lockup Season 5. There isn’t a lot of information about the new season so far. However, there’s a trailer available online that gives viewers a preview of the latest season.

When Love After Lockup season 5 premieres, fans will learn about the fates of six couples. Expect to see plenty of betrayal, sexual situations, and family drama.

You can check out Love After Lockup season 5 episode 2 on WE tv’s website. Hopefully, the series will be renewed for a fifth season!

Season 6

The first two seasons of Love After Lockup were broadcast on WE tv. They averaged over a million viewers per episode.

A spinoff of Love After Lockup, Life After Lockup follows nine former inmates and significant others as they deal with the emotional challenges of life outside of prison. The show also details the process of developing relationships.

The series focuses on couples who meet while the incarcerated partner is behind bars. Each couple faces unique struggles while adjusting to their new lives. This includes temptations such as drugs and alcohol. These obstacles are emphasized by the show’s documentary-style format.

The second season was extended by ten episodes in response to popular demand. It averaged 1.6 million viewers in the live plus three ratings.

The third season of Love After Lockup premiered on We TV in June 2021. It features five new couples. Some of the cast members are familiar to fans of the original show. Others will be new to the audience.

One couple is returning from the first season. Chris and Gabrielle are back together. Gabby spent money on plastic surgery, an engagement ring, and an upgraded apartment.

Another returning couple is Martel and Kaylah Jackson. Jackson moved away from Pittsburgh to be with Martel when he was released from jail.

As a fan of the show, I can’t wait for the upcoming fourth season. However, this season is going to feature a lot of lovebirds and jailbirds. And it may not be appropriate for very young children.

Season four is expected to air in March of 2022. It is expected to feature five new couples and one returning couple.

Season 7

Love After Lockup is a series on WE tv that follows different couples that meet while in jail. The couples must deal with a range of issues, from trust problems to moving in together.

This season focuses on the relationships of four new couples. Fans of the show will get to see two fan favorites from the first season. One is Gabby and Chris, who married after a prison release.

In this season, a lot of surprises will unfold. Daonte’s mom is not thrilled with his new relationship. Chelsea fears that Mikey is lying about his fiance. Ashley arranges a secret love date.

A lot of drama will be unfolding, especially when the engagements of these couples become public. It will be difficult to trust each other and face jealousy.

This is a reality series, so it is not based on a true story. However, critics have praised the show’s depiction of real-life challenges.

There are a lot of dramatic twists and turns. There is a surprise wedding that spells trouble for both the couples and their families. Plus, Emily buys a ring using stimulus money. Chance discovers that Tayler has a child.

Some of the themes of the show include juggling life after prison, travel restrictions, and meddling exes. These issues are dealt with in a realistic and emotional way.

Love After Lockup will air on WE tv every Friday at 9 p.m. You can also watch the show on Hulu and FuboTV.

For more information, you can visit the website. Also, you can find out more about the episodes on Newsweek. If you are planning to watch this show, you may want to check out the ratings.

Life After Lockup

If you are looking for a show to watch about relationships in a real world, then you should check out “Love After Lockup.” The series is a documentary about the lives of a handful of couples who met while incarcerated. In addition to highlighting their romances, the show also gives a look at their challenges after leaving the prison walls.

While the show was originally supposed to be just one season, it was later expanded to a four-season run. Since its premiere in January, the series has seen great success and has raked in plenty of buzz.

The first season starred Gabrielle and Chris. They were reunited after the two got out of jail. During the course of the season, they had a number of adventures, including a first kiss, a wedding, and a plastic surgery.

Following the success of their first season, Gabby and Chris were featured in Love During Lockup. In the new show, the couple will be back, but this time, they will be joined by three other couples who have been released from jail.

Each of the couples have their own set of challenges to overcome, such as trust and jealousy. But no matter what, they will have to grapple with the realities of living in the real world, including moving in together and getting married.

Life After Lockup is a spinoff of the original “Love After Lockup” show. The show follows five of the couples from the original series. As their relationships mature, the five couples face temptations, travel restrictions, and growing pains.

For those who want to see more of the show, you can catch it on WE tv. Season two averaged over one million viewers per episode.https://www.youtube.com/embed/jkbOYV4Q36Q

How Many Episodes Are Left in Love After Lockup Season 4 2023?

how many episodes love after lockup season 4  2023

Are you wondering how many episodes are left in Season Four of Love after Lockup? Here is a quick guide to help you find out.

Justine and Michael

If you’re a fan of Love After Lockup, you know that the show’s newest season follows a couple of fan favorites. Michael and Justine are married and are back from prison to find out if their love can survive the test of time in the real world. This new series is set to premiere on December 16, at 9 pm ET.

The show follows six couples after their partners are released from prison. Each of these couples will face unique challenges as they try to adjust to life outside the walls of prison. However, there’s one particular couple that is more than ready to reunite.

While many fans are excited for Michael and Justine to finally be reunited, others are wary of the changes that are about to take place. Among the challenges that are to come are the transitions that Justine will have to make with her children and her friends.

As the show progresses, it will be interesting to see how these two families will work together. Both Michael and Justine will need to put their family first and pursue their dreams.

Michael and Justine have had a tough time with the transition from prison to home. In fact, they’ve had a few arguments as a couple. But now that Michael has been paroled, the pair is looking forward to spending more time together.

Meanwhile, Michael is also eager to get to know his family. He wants to reconnect with his younger siblings. Specifically, he wants to meet his brother Lincoln, his sister Melody, and his niece Sarah.

While Justine and Michael are preparing for their prison wedding, they are faced with more challenges. One of these is Justine’s mother. She doesn’t like the way that she is being treated by her daughter.

Another challenge is that Michael might be having a hard time bonding with Justine’s four kids. It might be difficult for him to find a balance between his rap career and his time with his family.

When the series begins, Justine and Michael are adjusting to their new lives in Pennsylvania. They have moved to a bigger house to accommodate their new family.

Gabby and Chris

It’s been a while since Gabby and Chris have had a season of Love After Lockup. They were paired together in the first season, and they are back this season. However, they face more challenges and more doubts than ever before.

As of this week, Chris has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He is also facing several other charges, including theft by unlawful taking. The couple has been separated while the charges are being resolved.

Now that he’s in jail, Chris’ family is worried about his intentions and the relationship with Gabby. Luckily, his mother, Felicia, is sympathetic to their situation. Whether or not she’ll agree to allow her daughter to marry a man who’s a convicted felon remains to be seen.

Since Chris was arrested, Gabby has been making headlines. In addition to her gloating about it on Instagram, she shared a series of screen shots of her bringing documents to her mother asking for money. She also posted a graphic video of her fight with Chris.

While Chris is behind bars, he and Gabrielle are still in love. But Gabby is upset with Chris’ family, saying that they are using her money to run around and do sketchy things.

Chris was allegedly arrested after a physical fight with Gabby. However, the two ended up being separated for the night. Gabby was then released, but Chris is still in prison.

During the past few weeks, Gabby has spent some of Chris’ money on bills, cosmetic procedures, and even a new apartment. She’s also purchased an engagement ring. Yet, Gabby continues to insist that she is sending money to Chris’ mother, Felicia, and that she never spent it all.

Hopefully, Chris will soon be out of jail. If not, the two will have a hard time keeping their relationship alive. Although it seems like it’s a great thing for Chris, his family is not too keen on the idea.

Hopefully, Love After Lockup season 5 will offer more of the drama that fans have come to expect. The series will follow six couples in the prison system and how they navigate love and frustration.

Andrea and Lamar

Love After Lockup is a television series that follows couples who met while they were in prison. It airs on WE tv. The show focuses on the lives of these couples as they get out of jail and begin their new lives.

The show has been a huge hit with fans of the series. Season two of the show averaged over one million viewers each episode. Now, the show is set to return with new episodes that are 90 minutes long.

Several new couples are set to appear on this season of the show. Fans will get to see Andrea and Lamar. However, they will face some tough obstacles. These include communication problems and trust issues.

They also have to deal with family drama. One of Lamar’s children has disapproval. And Andrea has been dealing with problems with the oldest daughter of Lamar’s previous relationship.

They have also had to deal with an explosive breakup. As the show starts to wind down, viewers will be wondering who will remain in the relationship.

In addition to the current couples, Love After Lockup has introduced four new ones. Shane and Lacey are not together, and Bradley and Sierra are in a love triangle. Also, Amber is hiding a shocking secret.

This season is full of drama and fights. The first episode of the new season will air on December 16, at 9 p.m. EDT. A few fan favorites will be featured as well.

Among the other couples, there is Quaylon and Shavel. These two have been together for 13 years. But after the second season, they broke up. Another couple that has been featured on the show is Jackson and Martel. Although the pair were incarcerated for a number of years, they now live in Los Angeles and are married.

Overall, Love After Lockup has a 3.8 audience rating on Facebook. Nevertheless, the show has received positive feedback from viewers worldwide. The show has been a big hit with WE tv.

If you would like to apply to be featured on Love After Lockup, you can fill out an application on the show’s website. When you submit the application, you will be required to provide your incarcerated partner’s Department of Correction number.

Ashley and Travis

If you haven’t heard of “Love After Lockup,” it is a reality television show that follows the lives of four recently released felons. Each couple is on a journey of discovering if their relationship will last. They are learning how to move in together, meet family members and navigate the first touches of love.

Season 4 of Love After Lockup will premiere on WE tv on Friday, December 16. This season will feature new couples and fan favorites from previous seasons. The four couples will explore different aspects of romance and the difficulties that come with it.

Ashley Dawson and Travis Dawson have been dating for nearly four years. During this time, they have gone through some difficult times. However, they are ready to make a commitment. In addition to this, they are planning to help each other run their jewelry business.

For her part, Ashley is an antique fine jewelry purveyor. She is hoping to get Travis to help her in the jewelry business. Initially, she has been keeping some secrets from him. Some of these secrets have led to uncontrollable emotions. Besides, Ashley is unsure of whether or not she can trust Travis.

Travis, on the other hand, has been convicted of robbery. He served 13 years in prison before he was released. When he got out of jail, he was expecting to be intimate. But, his girlfriend has been worried that Travis is taking advantage of her. As such, he hasn’t been able to spend much time with her.

On the other hand, Ashley has been hesitant about Travis’ criminal history. Moreover, she worries that her business partners may accept him even if he has a criminal past. It’s up to her to prove to them that he can be a good person, and not a bad man.

Although Ashley and Travis have been together for several years, they are still not sure about their relationship. They are both guilty of hiding secrets from each other. Despite this, they are determined to learn how opposites can attract.

The next batch of episodes of Love After Lockup will air on Fridays at 9 pm ET on WE tv. These episodes will include two fans favorites from the past seasons. Additionally, viewers will be introduced to two new couples, Aris and Cameron.https://www.youtube.com/embed/8wyCiCMyfT0

How Many Seasons Will Be in Love After Lockup 2023?

how many seasons love after lockup 2023

If you’re a fan of the series Love After Lockup, you may be wondering how many seasons will be in it after this year? Season 5 is going to start on March 7th, and there’s no word yet on how many more seasons will be in the series. The answer to this question depends on how many episodes the show produces in the future.

Season 4

Love After Lockup season 4 will feature four new couples. The show follows recently released inmates who face new challenges after their release. They’ll learn to navigate the pressures of living together while dealing with trust issues.

Season four of Love After Lockup will air on WE tv on Fridays at 9 pm. Each episode will be 90 minutes long, giving viewers an in-depth look at their trials and tribulations. It will also highlight the lives of two fan favorites from previous seasons.

One of the featured couples is Justine and Michael. They met in prison, got married, and moved to a different state. Now they have four children. When Michael gets out of prison, they must adjust to being a family of six.

Another couple is Tiffany and Kevin. They’re a bank robber and a jewelry designer. But the couple is exploring polyamory.

There are also two more new couples: Kaylah and Martel. They’ve been dating for 14 years. In jail, they were close friends. Their relationship was set to be over. However, they’ve kept in touch. On their release, they’ll get reunited.

Love After Lockup will also focus on the reformed ex-con who’s now in the real world. He’s worried about his wife’s safety. Plus, his daughter’s fiancee has a secret. Fortunately, Kevin and Tiffany are still together.

Fans will also be able to watch Kaylah and Martel’s story. After getting arrested, they started dating. As they’re in jail, they’re still in love. But when Martel gets out, they’ll be reunited.

For those who don’t want to watch the whole season, you can catch a few episodes at a time on DirecTV. Or you can subscribe to fuboTV. You can access it on a variety of devices. This subscription service offers over 60 live TV channels, including 60+ lifestyle channels.

Love After Lockup is a documentary-style series that tells the stories of the real-life relationships of inmates. The show is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a Manhattan-based television production company. With over 100 employees, it’s a big name in television.

Season 5

Love after lockup season 5 is set to premiere on WE tv on December 16, 2022. The series will feature six couples, who will share their post-prison lives. This show will document the challenges faced by these couples.

As fans know, the last season of Love After Lockup was a success. It received a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb. In addition to the five couples featured in the series, the show also features two newcomers.

Gabby and Chris are expected to appear on Love After Lockup Season 5. These two will share their relationship with the viewers. They met when they were both in prison. Their relationship was very complicated. But, now that they have been freed, they are living together and are engaged.

Another couple to look forward to is Skylar and Nathan. They began dating while both were in prison. Now that they have been released, they plan to propose for their one year anniversary. However, their relationship has been complicated by Skylar’s two failed boyfriends.

Other couples will make unexpected decisions and face adversity outside the walls of the prison. They will have to overcome the temptations of their past and find support from their families.

In fact, the third season will focus on the problems that other couples encounter. The show will also include newcomers Aris and Cameron.

Fans of the show are looking forward to the next season. If the show is as popular as it has been, then we can expect more episodes. We should also keep in mind that Love After Lockup may contain sexual situations and infrequent coarse language.

There is no official announcement on the renewal of Love After Lockup season 5, but the studio plans to release the remaining episodes. This means that chunks of episodes will be released until the potential fifth season is filmed. So, if you’re eager to know how these couples navigate their post-prison lives, then you need to tune in.

Love after lockup has been an extremely popular show on WE tv. The series has a 4.6/5 rating on Facebook and a 3.8 audience rating summary.

Season 6

Love After Lockup is a reality TV show that follows the lives of incarcerated and recently released felons. The show is produced by WeTV and airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. It follows six couples as they adjust to life outside of prison. Some of these couples are new, while others may be facing issues after their release.

Among the couples featured on the show are Justine and Michael, who were married while Michael was in prison. Despite the couple’s trouble, they were able to stay together. They are now adjusting to life in a new state with four kids.

Another couple that is expected to make an appearance on the show is Gabby and Chris. The former model and the aspiring songwriter were married during the first season. However, tension is still high between them. Their family is not on the best terms.

The third season was split into several parts. Season three averaged 1.3 million viewers per episode.

The fourth season of Love After Lockup will feature four new couples. One of these will be the return of a fan-favorite from the past seasons. Harry Velez and Indierra “Indie” Treadwell will be back, along with their bounty hunter mom. Also returning will be Branwen Jones and Charlie “Chazz” Harbison.

The fifth season of Love After Lockup will focus on six couples. Travis and Ashley, Cameron and Aris, and Monique and Derek will all appear on the series. Besides these couples, two more familiar couples will be featured.

Voight and Ryder will also be featured on the show. Voight and Ryder are twenty years younger than each other. But they both have a lot to deal with when it comes to life outside of jail.

Season five of Love After Lockup is expected to start in December of 2022. Although the network has not yet announced a release date, fans are hoping to see more episodes. The fifth season is expected to be about 22 episodes long.

A lot of drama is expected in the upcoming season, so keep your eyes peeled for all of the twists and turns!


One of the most popular shows on WE tv, Love After Lockup is a reality show about couples who have been incarcerated and are free. It follows a series of couples who met in prison, fell in love, and then were separated by distance or degrees of freedom.

The first season of “Love After Lockup” was ranked as the number one program for women 25-54. Season two of the show averaged more than one million viewers per episode, and Season 3 drew more than 1.3 million viewers. This year, fans can look forward to another round of exciting new episodes.

In the fourth season of “Love After Lockup”, several couples have already been released, but their relationship will now be put to the test. Some have been together for years and have been through the ups and downs of a prison marriage. Others are just starting out, and are still trying to make their relationship work.

Several of the couples have been in jail for different reasons, but many are now on their way to a new life outside of the walls of the prison. In fact, one of the recently released couples has been married for thirteen years. Another couple has been reuniting after a long separation, and the latest couples have recently been released.

There are some great new couples in the fourth season of “Love After Lockup”, and there are some returning favorites. You can find out more about the series by visiting the WE tv website.

The next season of Love After Lockup will be released on March 4, 2022. During this season, five new couples will be added to the series. Four of the couples are returning from the previous season, while another couple will be featured for the first time. These newly released couples will have to prove that their relationship is more than just a prison romance.

The next season of “Love After Lockup” will feature two franchise favorites, Gabrielle and Chris. Gabby bought an engagement ring, and Chris has won a huge settlement from his injury at Rikers Island.https://www.youtube.com/embed/jkbOYV4Q36Q

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